Lisbon from the Tagus

Lisbon by Pessoa, the interactive map

The following map, initiated in 2008, is still under construction. Names of the places should be translated to English or Portuguese and the bubble associated a with place should link to the reference page about this place on this website.

Another interactive Google Map, with photos and extracts of the book, was made in 2009 for the website of the movie Os Mistérios de Lisboa. It is available here.

In case you want to print the map and need to associate a number to each place and get an index of those numbers, please go to the printer-friendly version.

Vous pouvez aussi accéder à cette carte sur le site Google Maps.
You can access this map on Google Maps.

Eléments placés (in French)

La pagination correspond à celle des éditions 10/18.

Quartiers de Lisbonne (mauve)
Itinéraire 1 p. 15-83 (bleu) «Pour le voyageur arrivant par la mer, la ville s'élève, même de loin, comme une belle vision de rêve...»
Itinéraire 2 p. 83-88 (vert)
Itinéraire 3 p. 88-91 (rouge)